Barbados Offers a Wide Selection of Vacation Activities from Scuba Diving to the Golf Courses

Divi Heritage guests enjoy swimming and snorkeling directly in front of the resort, and on site tennis courts. A full service activities coordinator is available to arrange island tours and water sports.

Heritage guests are invited to enjoy the watersports and freshwater pools of the neighboring Almond Beach Resort. All-inclusive day passes are available.

The Divi Heritage is just steps away from lovely beaches, and the island's best shopping.

Island Activities

Barbados offers guests a wide range of activities, from sunbathing to active sports.

Several challenging golf-courses are available to the public.

Scuba diving is popular throughout Barbados. The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. The barrier reefs, located 1/2 - 2 miles from shore contain large coral heads which form the habitat for thousands of beautiful fish. Larger organisms are also found on these reefs, feeding on the smaller fish. The Hawksbill turtle can also be found on these reefs. Fringes and patching reefs are found closer to shore and have smaller coral formations and more abundant plant life then the barrier reefs. These reefs are home to Sea Horses, Frog Fish, Giant Sand Eels and many other marine creatures. Wrecks form fascinating habitats for marine life and Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving. Carlisle Bay, with 200 reported wrecks, and the Stavronikita, located at Folkestone Marine Park, are two of the most popular sites.

Barbados is ideal for year-round diving but is probably best in the summer months. The visibility ranges from 40 to 70ft and the water temperature is a consistent 80 degrees F.

Barbados offers fine beaches for surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. When the world was created, Barbados was given an abundance of potential for becoming a surfer's paradise. The island's location far out in the Atlantic Ocean allows waves to travel thousands of kilometers on the bottom of the sea to finally unload all the power it developed during it's long journey over Barbados' coral reefs.

As Barbados is a Coral island, a coral reef stretches all around Barbados' coastline, providing for unlimited surfing conditions all over. No matter whether a swell approaches the island from a northerly or westerly direction or whether it's moving in from the East or the South, Barbados is guaranteed to have surf somewhere along it's shores at almost any given day of the year.

Hiking is a popular recreation, leading Barbados visitors through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. Guided hikes by  Hike Barbados are FREE but donations are welcome towards the work of the Barbados National Trust (preserving our built and natural environment) and Treading Lightly (problem-solving for sustainability).

The warm waters off the coast of Barbados offer ideal fishing for Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin (Dorado), and the Marlin species. There is a fleet of Cabin Cruisers available for charter. Most charters include drinks, all tackle and bait.

Historical tours are popular with visitors to Barbados. Barbados has a rich history and has preserved and restored many of its historic buildings. Visit a plantation house for a trip back in time, see the towering lighthouses that once led ships to safety, or explore the historic towns that are an important part of our past and present.

All content is courtesy of the Barbados Tourism Authority and the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia. For more information, visit the Barbados Tourism Authority at

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