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Divi Resorts participates in eco-friendly certification programs

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Our mission is to offer the ultimate Caribbean vacation experience by consistently providing quality services and facilities to guests while also being among the most eco-friendly and community-friendly resorts in the hospitality industry.

Divi Green Initiatives Policy

Divi Resorts operates several resorts throughout the Caribbean that have received Travelife environmental certification.  To learn more about these certifications, please visit www.travelife.org.

Our resorts are focused on environmental consciousness. We acknowledge that the travel and tourism industry has the potential to contribute significantly to sustainable development, and we strive toward making notable contributions to this cause. Our goal is to be a global market leader in providing, protecting, and enhancing economic, environmental, and social integrity for a better living environment. 

Divi Resorts is committed to providing quality vacation ownership experiences for our guests while we work to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations. Our areas of focus include freshwater and energy conservation, implementation of recycling programs for solid waste and wastewater, reduction or elimination of the use of hazardous substances, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of land and fragile ecosystems, focused community development and cultural relations, and employment of qualified local personnel in keeping with our existing human resource policy. The environmental focus within our hotels also includes programs to minimize noise pollution and hazardous emissions where these are identified within our operations, in addition to seeking eco-friendly products to purchase for our resorts.

Each of our resorts is committed to implementing and maintaining our company's policy, with management systems that effectively address the aspects of hygiene, health, safety, and environmental concerns. This policy is our contribution to global sustainable development for all guests and team members. It encourages the support of our business and community partners as we strive to continuously improve our positive interaction with the natural resources in the Caribbean.

All of our resorts make an effort to monitor the impact of our daily operations on the surrounding community and the environment. We encourage the entire travel and tourism industry to participate in this cause, as well as our visiting guests while they stay with us in their home away from home. Divi Resorts is committed to protecting our home, both today and in the years to come.




We monitor all of the water use on our properties, including water used for pools, guest rooms, kitchens, restaurants, dining areas, and landscaping.

Energy Management Program

We use timers on our electrical equipment, including air-conditioning units, jacuzzi jets, steam rooms at the spas, outdoor lighting for walkways, refrigeration equipment in the kitchens, and more.

Social & Cultural Promotion

At each property, we promote and sell local tours and attractions, providing special recognition to vendors who use green practices. We also invite local craft vendors to the hotel at least once per week to display and sell craft items.

Staff Training & Development

Our team members participate in workshops and seminars conducted by the environmental committee, local government organizations and also by non-governmental environmental organizations.

Hazardous Substances Awareness

We determine the suitability of all products before they are purchased, and we provided full training for staff whenever new chemicals or equipment are purchased for use at any Divi property.

Environmental Projects

Our resorts are part of many environment and preservation projects. On the island of Bonaire, we support marine ecology with our reef renewal project and we are a certified as a Blue Destination.


Responsible and sustainable tourism are greatly valued at Divi Resorts, and we are pleased to be a part of the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire’s project (RRFB). Divi Dive Bonaire, our on-site PADI 5-Star diving center located at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, is actively taking part in the island’s reef restoration effort. Along with educating visitors and residents about reef health, the resort's Calabas house reef is adding two new nurseries with an initial capacity of 600 corals. Both critically endangered staghorn and elkhorn coral species are being hosted and propagated in the nurseries. Visiting divers can actively participate in purchasing and planting coral, and are an integral part of increasing a diver's relationship with marine environments to foster global stewardship. Learn more at Reef Renewal Bonaire and please donate to this worthy program. When donating, we ask that you please reference under "recipients name" Divi Dive Bonaire, so your donation will go directly to our reef. Thank you.

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Clean Check Program

For over 50 years, Divi Resorts has focused on ensuring our guests enjoy healthy and safe Caribbean vacations. Our enhanced CLEAN CHECK program follows the recommendations of the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Ministries of Health on each island.

Guests can spot the CLEAN CHECK symbol throughout our resorts. We want our guests to have confidence every time they book a Divi Resorts vacation with peace of mind from check-in to farewell.

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