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Introducing the new Divi Vacation Club


At Divi Resorts, we are committed to maximizing the value of your Ownership by keeping you up-to-date on industry trends and news from our company. Over the last few years, our Owners have been requesting more flexibility and more destinations. These requests have led Divi Resorts to partner with the Divi Vacation Club, a Points-based travel program. This partnership provides great options that were previously unavailable to you as an Owner. The Divi Vacation Club allows you to travel to any resort, in any season, choosing any unit type you desire, while also providing you with worldwide travel opportunities to hundreds of destinations.


Why Join the Club?

Joining the Divi Vacation Club opens the door to a world of fun and inspired destinations, where you can play, explore and create timeless memories with your friends and family.

To our Members, the best part of being in the Divi Vacation Club is the flexibility our Points provide. Unlike traditional vacation ownership, where your travel is limited to the same unit, the same week and the same destination, Membership in the Divi Vacation Club gives you the choice to vacation when you want, where you want and how you want.

Divi Vacation Club Members can discover the Caribbean or travel the world through the Divi Exchange Network, a premier exchange service that lets Members use Points to book travel to hundreds of worldwide destinations. With the Divi Vacation Club, traveling the world has never been easier or more fun!



When you join the Divi Vacation Club, you'll also receive Club Loyalty Benefits. This elite benefits program offers you additional savings on many of the vacation services and amenities you'll enjoy each time you travel to a Divi Club Destination. From exclusive discounts to VIP extras, you'll reap the rewards of this program throughout the year.

Club Loyalty Benefits delivers valuable savings on:

  • Club Services
  • Club Recognition
  • Club Amenities

We want to share everything the Divi Vacation Club has to offer you. Learn more about the pure fun, pure value and pure flexibility of the NEW Divi Vacation Club and how you can receive Silver, Gold, Platinum or President's Elite Club Loyalty Benefits! If you would like to take advantage of this program or would like more information, please call our Member Specialists at 1-888-863-6822 (toll-free) or 919-419-3484 (outside of U.S.) or email us at


Start your adventure today by learning more about the Divi Vacation Club!

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