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Dive Bonaire - A Diver's Paradise

We offer a range of dive packages for you to enjoy. Our two most popular packages are:

Bonaire 7-Night Two-Tank Boat Dive with Daily Breakfast - Package rate includes accommodations, breakfast daily, airport transfers, daily 2 tank morning boat dive, unlimited tanks for shore diving (transportation not included), and weights and weight belt. Maximum 2 guests per room for package plan. Taxes and US $7.50 per night energy surcharge not included. Please call to add child package rates. Please include flight arrival time in comments field for airport transfers.

Bonaire 7-Night Unlimited Shore Dive and Drive - Enjoy an adventurous unlimited shore diving experience at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino! 7-Night Unlimited Shore Diving Package includes your choice of air-conditioned accommodations, breakfast daily, truck rental, 6 days of unlimited use of tanks for shore diving and welcome cocktail.

Book 7-Night 2-Tank Dive with Daily Breakfast

Book 7-Night Unlimited Shore Dive & Drive


Or Choose one of our Monthly Dive Specials:

Packages are available to book by December 31, 2018.

Fall specials (August-November) are made available in coordination with the Bonaire Fall Festival.

Plan an All-Inclusive Vacation:

Or Create-Your-Own Dive Package:

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino also lets you create your own dive packages. Call us at (800) 367-3484 or email us at groupsales [at] to book a custom dive package today! Deposits are required.


Dive Package Terms & Conditions:

  • Tanks, weights, and belt are included with all dives.
  • Prices include 10% service charge and 8% ABB tax.
  • Every guest must perform an orientation dive from the dock prior to boat or shore diving.

In our 2018 Divi Dive brochure, we'll show you why Divi Flamingo is the smartest pick for your group dive trip. Click on the button below to find information on:

  • The only shore diving on Bonaire that's accessible 24/7
  • Hotel rooms with modern bathrooms that include walk-in showers
  • Our NEW All-Inclusive packages with plenty of delicious meal options
  • The only hassle-free two-tank boat dive packages on Bonaire (plus a wide variety of boat, shore and rental truck options)
  • And much more

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Make your group dive trip a reality! Email or call one of our experienced planners today at 1-800-801-5550.


Dive Services

Enjoy a wide variety of dive services from Divi Dive Bonaire. From quick shore dives to full-day boat trips, you are sure to find the dive trip to fit your diving experience and sense of adventure.

Shore Diving

Scuba tanks are available 24 hours a day at Divi Dive Bonaire. Dive right into the water and avoid having to lug tanks up and down stairs or across the beach, or pick up tanks at our Dive Station, located by our car rental area. This option makes it easier for you to explore Bonaire’s numerous shore dive sites. You can even take multiple tanks so you can enjoy dive after dive without having to return to trade them out.

Boat Diving

Our fleet of dive boats range from 36 - 42 feet, some of the largest on Bonaire. Choose from morning two-tank boat trips or afternoon one-tank diving trips. Each boat features both shaded and sunbathing areas. Boat benches are custom designed to make it easier to set up and take off diving gear. Wide open decks provide ample room to walk around and each ride is limited to 18 passengers for your comfort.

Large 24-foot camera tables and freshwater camera buckets make it easy to get the perfect shot. Additional features such as twin ladders and wide swim platforms make diving from our boats a real pleasure.

Dive boat rides are available to the most popular dive sites on Bonaire such as Red Slave, Karpata, and Margate Bay.

Night Diving

You can enjoy night diving every night of the week by exploring our house reef. Night boat dives may be scheduled upon request.

Drive, Dive, and Explore Package

A 7-night/6-day package that includes unlimited use of tanks for shore diving, a 4-passenger rental truck (one truck per room) with tank, weights, weight belt, and gear bag, as well as breakfast daily. The package also includes welcome cocktails and towels for the pool and beach. Guests pick up and return the rental truck at the airport.

Daily breakfast is included in all Divi Dive packages. Guests can also choose to include lunch and/or dinner plans.

We have a tank pick-up station in the parking lot to make it easy for divers with rental trucks to load up tanks right in the parking lot, then head out to explore the dozens of dive sites all over the island.


Divi Dive Bonaire provides a full range of diving instruction courses. Bonaire is truly a diver’s paradise, and we provide everything you need to enjoy the beautiful diving waters of the island. Please contact Divi Dive Bonaire to select your preferred dive instruction course.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course

  • Instructions, 1 Shore Dive, & Use of All Required Equipment (Minimum Age: 10 Years): $97.50
  • 1 Resort Boat Dive per Day (Includes Equipment): $90.00
  • 2 Resort Boat Dives per Day (Includes Equipment): $110.00
  • 3 Resort Boat Dives per Day (Includes Equipment): $125.00

PADI Open Water Certification

A Complete Certification Course That Includes All Instruction Materials, Required Equipment, & Diving (4/5 Days | Minimum Age: 10 Years): $495.00

PADI Open Water Referral Certification

Includes 4 Open Water Dives, Instruction, & Use of All Required Equipment (Current Referral & Medical Statement Are Required): $265.00

PADI Open Water e-learning Certification

Includes all confined sessions, 4 open water dives, instruction and use of all required equipment. Current e-learning training record is required: $385.00 

PADI Scuba Tune-up “Refresher” (Half Day)

Includes Materials & Instruction: $97.50

PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

Includes 5 Dives over 2 Days, Instruction, Student Materials (Equipment Not Included | Prerequisite: OW Certification from Any Recognized Agency): $315.00

PADI Rescue Diver (on Request)

Includes Materials & Instruction (4/5 Days | Prerequisite: Medic First Aid, Advanced Open Water Certification or Equivalent): $550.00

PADI Divemaster (on Request)

Instruction & Basic Materials Included (Prerequisite: Rescue Diver): $845.00

PADI Specialty Courses

  • Wreck Diver: 4 Dives in 2 Days: $220.00
  • Deep Diver: 3 Dives in 2 Days: $220.00
  • U/W Naturalist: 2 Dives in 1 Day: $145.00
  • U/W Navigator: 3 Dives in 2 Days: $220.00
  • Search & Recovery: 3 Dives in 2 Days: $220.00
  • Night Diver: 3 Dives in 2 Days: $220.00
  • Multi-Level Diver: 2 Dives in 1 Day: $145.00
  • Peak Buoyancy: 2 Dives in 1 Day: $145.00
  • Medic First Aid: 2 Days, No Diving: $160.00
  • Private Dive with Instructor (Equipment Not Included): $57.50

Registration Forms

We recommend all guests wishing to dive during their visit download and fill out the following forms before arriving at your scheduled dive course. You will need to submit these forms, your dive certification card, and a $25.00 (cash) marine park fee.

For Certified Divers:

Registration Form

Assumption of Risk & Release Form

For All Certified Divers Planning to Use Nitrox:

Nitrox Liability Release Waiver

Nitrox Waiver & Sign-out Sheet

Terms & Conditions:
All prices are in USD and subject to change without notice.
10% service charge and 6% ABB tax are included in all prices.
A deposit by credit card or cash is required when signing up for any course or diving.
A medical statement from a doctor may be required prior to training.
Boat diving may be added at additional charge during instruction.
Shore diving is included in all instructional courses.


Exceed the conditional limits of recreational diving with technical diving. Tech diving requires extensive experience, advanced training, and specialized equipment, including tanks with breathing gases versus air or standard nitrox. In a technical dive, divers typically go deeper than 130 feet or in an overhead environment with no direct access to the surface or natural light, such as caves and shipwreck interiors. While this style of diving may come with a higher risk, the rewards are certainly greater, as you can explore underwater areas most divers cannot.

Technical dive instruction and rentals as well as gasfills are available upon request. Please email for information and pricing and availability.


Dive Rates

When you are ready to explore the beautiful waters of Bonaire, we have all the equipment you will need. From boat diving to shore diving to nitrox tanks, we rent all the equipment divers need to explore the amazing coral reefs and sparkling Caribbean waters.

Please Note: The Bonaire National Marine Park entry fee is $45.00 per person per year. All divers are required attend dive orientation AND to present their Bonaire National Marine Park entry tag prior to diving in Bonaire.


  • 1-Tank Boat Dive & Unlimited Shore Diving (per day): $68.00
  • 2-Tank Boat Dive & Unlimited Shore Diving (per day): $97.00
  • 3-Tank Boat Dive & Unlimited Shore Diving (per day): $115.00
  • Single Tank Shore Dive (per day): $21.00
  • Unlimited Shore Diving (per day): $42.00
  • Unlimited Shore Diving (6 consecutive days): $200.00
  • Boat Passenger / Snorkeler (per site & no equipment included): $17.50
  • Night Boat Dive (10 divers Minimum): $72.00

Nitrox (Valid Nitrox Certification Required for Rentals)

  • Nitrox Tank (Surcharge will be added for each tank used for boat or shore diving): $10.00
  • Air-Nitrox Upgrade (on 6-day prepaid package): $130.00
  • Unlimited Nitrox Shore Package (6 days): $295.00
  • PADI Nitrox Certification Course (equipment not included): $140.00


Rent for 5 days and get the 6th day free!

Dive Equipment Rental Rates

  • Mask: $6.00
  • Fins: $6.00
  • Snorkel: $2.50
  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel: $12.00
  • BCD Jacket with Power Inflator: $12.00
  • Shorty Wetsuit: $9.50
  • Regulator W/ Octopus/Depth/Pressure: $12.00
  • Console - Depth/Pressure: $6.00
  • Octopus: $6.00
  • LP Inflator Hose: $2.50
  • Dive Computer: $13.50
  • Dive Light, Including Batteries: $10.00
  • Snorkelvest: $6.00

Full Gear Packages (Excludes Computer)

  • Mask/Fins/Snorkel/BCD/Regulator: $33.00
  • Full Gear Package Including Short Wetsuit: $42.00

To ensure you are prepared for your visit to Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, we have included a list of frequently asked dive questions. However, if you have additional questions, please feel free to call us for more information about the beautiful island of Bonaire and our world-class diving resort.

What is the Bonaire Marine Park?

The Bonaire Marine Park extends from the high water mark to the 60m depth contour all the way around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, encompassing an area of approximately 270 hectares. The Marine Park's job is to ensure that the marine resources of the island, the magnificent coral reefs, sea grass beds, and mangroves are protected and used in a sustainable manner. Learn more about the Bonaire Marine Park, visit their website.

Notice: The Bonaire National Marine Park entry fee is $25 per person per calendar year, effective April 1, 2005. All divers are required to present their Bonaire National Marine Park entry tag prior to diving in Bonaire.

Is there diving in front of the resort?

Yes. The dive docks located on our beach extend out almost 30 yards to the reef. Tanks are available on these docks 24 hours a day for shore divers.

What is your dive dock like?

Strap on your gear using our custom designed diving benches, then step off into 12’ of crystal clear blue water. The reef quickly drops down to 12’, right in front of the dock. The reef is really beautiful, featuring lots of tube sponges, parrot fish, trumpet fish, and anemones.

Do you have storage lockers for divers?

We are proud to offer divers private lockers with wetsuit hangers and plenty of room to store all your diving gear. We do recommend you bring your own padlock. You have access to your gear 24 hours a day!

What's the night diving like?

Beautiful and perfectly safe for experienced divers. Most divers night dive off our docks several times during their stay. You can expect to see octopus, tarpon, and lots of brightly colored corals.

How many dive boats do you have?

Our dive shop has five boats, ranging from 35’-42’long. Each boat features plenty of shade, ice water, fresh fruit, and safety equipment. The tanks are placed in tank holders behind the seats, so putting the gear on is really easy. We have the best boat fleet on Bonaire, no question.

How do I sign up for a dive boat?

We have a sign up board that displays all boat trips, so you can choose the boat and destination of your choice.

Do you go to different dive sites each day?

Absolutely. There are so many dive spots in the area and we make an effort to visit them all including Red Slave in the far south to Rappel in the north. We also go over to the island of Klein Bonaire almost every day. If you have a request for a specific site, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How long to the dive sites?

It takes about 10-20 minutes to reach most dive sites.

Are there lots of boats at each dive site?

No. Only one boat per dive site is allowed for safety and to ensure you have plenty of room to explore.

Do you run two-tank boat trips?

Absolutely! We run a variety of boat trips every day, including single and two tank morning trips and single tank afternoon trips.

Are the dive boats crowded?

No. We limit each boat to a maximum of 18 divers for comfort and better dives. There is a lot of room to walk around and plenty of shade. This also helps make surface time more comfortable for two tank dive trips.

What are your boat dive profiles?

We recommend on the two tank morning boat dive trips, 45-50 minute bottom times and average recommended depth of 50-70 foot. A surface interval of 30-45 minutes is normal.  For the afternoon single boat dive trips, we recommend a similar depth and about an hour bottom time.

Is there a dive master on board?

Yes. Every dive boat has both a captain and a dive master. The dive master will be in the water and will dive with you if you wish. If you want to dive independently with a friend, that's OK, too. This as long as you follows the divemaster direction and depth recommendation.

Do you have a back roll off the dive boats?

No. All the boats feature a wide swim platform, which makes it easy to leave and return to the boat. For the macho divers, back rolls are possible off the sides of the boat!

What is a typical boat dive like?

The boat normally sits in 25’ of water, close to shore, with the drop off right behind the boat. Drop down below the boat, and follow our divemaster. Dive down to the recommend depth, say 60’, and enjoy exploring the pristine coral reef. Halfway through your air time or bottom time or when the divemaster signals to return, turn around and head back towards the boat, ascending throughout the dive. Spend the last few minutes at the 10-15 foot range checking out the reef and fish and completing a safety stop.

Will the staff help me with my gear?

Most guests like to set up their own gear, but if you need help just ask them. If you have back problems or have trouble walking with the gear on, we will put your gear on and off at the swim platform.

Is rental gear available?

Yes, we have all the diving gear you will need available. See our page rentals page for details.

What if I want to learn to dive?

We offer a variety of dive training and learning experiences. See our dive instruction course tab for more details.

Do you offer any advanced dive courses or specialty certifications for experienced divers?

Yes. We offer a wide range of dive courses for divers of all skill levels. See our instruction page for details.

Do you charge a service fee?

A 10% service charge is included in all dive service rates.

What sets Divi Dive Bonaire apart from the other shops?

Each of our local dive masters have been with us for more than 10 years and are well-known and respected in the dive industry. They ensure a safe experience while keeping things fun. Our fleet of five dive boats is the best on the island, and provide a level of comfort and convenience unmatched on Bonaire.




Quite simply, we're the best. Divers can take advantage of our luxurious-yet-affordable rooms, great meal options and comprehensive dive services.

  • Oceanfront resort with great house reef for snorkeling and diving
  • Closest resort to town (we're a 5-minute walk away)
  • PADI 5-star dive shop with 5 custom dive boats
  • Round-trip airport transfers
  • All-Inclusive options now available


Explore some of the world’s most thrilling dive sites with Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino. Put on your gear, slip on your fins, and get ready to experience the lush underwater world of Bonaire, kept pristine by the protected waters of Bonaire's Marine Park.


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The island of Bonaire is a Dutch municipality renowned for its world-class scuba diving and snorkeling. Bonaire is delightfully less commercial than many other Caribbean Islands, providing a truly relaxing experience. Visitors searching for a tranquil escape and some of the world’s best scuba and snorkeling locales will be delighted with everything Bonaire has to offer with its 80+ dive sites.


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